Is the Sky Falling in Real Estate?

Is the sky falling?The Register daily tells us how bad the market is, they carry on as thought the sky is falling, and values will fall way down with it.  In addition it’s much harder to get a loan because of the sub-prime debacle. Requirements for borrowers are much more stringent, and there is almost a point difference in interest rates from conforming to jumbo (above $417.000) loans.  We also have a credit crisis, caused by lack of investors to buy these loans, lots of short sales and foreclosures, and lastly, you’ve probably heard that August sales were down 27% from one year ago!  This makes it, according to Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric, A GREAT TIME TO BUY!   And guess what?  Houses are still selling! Good reasons to sell or buy now are:

  • You want to take your equity and buy a less expensive home or buy in a less expensive area.
  • You want to move to another area for an easier commute to work.
  • Due to change in family size, you want to move to something smaller, or larger.
  • Lifestyle change:  You want different amenities from what you have now.

 How the Giacobbi Group helps sellers:

  • We arrange for a Premier Showing for the general public.
  • We provide the latest information from Trend Graphics and the MLS to examine the most recent area sales information in order to assist the seller in listing their property at a salable price.
  • Have the house staged by a professional stager so it will show it’s very best.
  • Have certain inspections performed so the sellers will not have surprises in escrow and on their net sheets.

And perhaps, best of all, PROVIDE A 90 LOCKED IN INTEREST RATE ON ALL OF PROPERTIES with built in financing for a buyer from a portfolio lender, Chase, that does not need to sell their loans.

Lesslie Giacobbi

Lesslie Giacobbi


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