Today all Buyers want a DEAL!

 From extensive surveys, here is a list of Features that Buyers Want Most In a House and, what they will spend a premium for:

  • Central Air and Cable/TV, high speed internet ready.
  • Master Suite with a Walk-in Closet and Separate tub and shower in bath (a retreat was less important.) 
  • A Whirlpool/Spa is appreciated by most.
  • While not necessary to some, buyers will pay more for hardwood floors and granite counters.
  • An Oversize Garage rated high on everyone’s list!

For the exterior, buyers want a:

  • backyard play area, large patio or porch, and fencing around the perimeter.

Other pluses for the Exterior and Location:

  • Neighborhood and Sidewalks
  • Near Schools, Shopping, and Parks

The green factor:  More than 95% of buyers of homes constructed less than a year before purchase say energy efficiency is important.  80% of the youngest buyers starting at age 18 all say they want green features, while 94% of buyers 75 years and older said the same.  Some of the “Green Features” buyers look for are:

  • Energy efficient appliances with an Energy Star rating
  • Dual pane, energy efficient windows with a low ‘e’ rating
  • Bathroom fans that reduce moisture and improve air quality
  • Engineered wood or renewable bamboo.
  • Building materials and Furniture with recycled content.
  • Tank-less hot water heaters which save energy and water consumption.  While it costs more initially, it will reduce your monthly utility bills.

Despite these “green” leanings, “Big” is still in and “Luxury” is becoming standard:  Preferences indicate that the good life increasingly is becoming the only life.  The typical home was 1,840 sq. ft. for the 2007 survey, up from 1,727 sq. ft. in 2004.  What is more, 12% of homes in the 2007 survey were more than 3,000 sq. ft. (up from 9%.).  Buyers want the above-mentioned features and in addition interest is rising in exercise rooms and in-law suites.

Living Large—the ultimate BIG

A Connecticut mega-mansion with more than 50,000 sq. ft. will be even bigger than Bill Gates’ home, and just 4,000 sq. ft. smaller than the White House—and twenty times larger than the average U.S. house.  The brick and stucco colonial house is being built by businessman Arnold Chase.  There is a two tier movie theater with seating for 103 people, huge garage, game/room and music annex, plus an observatory.


Lesslie Giacobbi

Lesslie Giacobbi



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