Villa Park Rotary Newsletter

Villa Park Rotary Newsletter November 12, 2009

The November 12, 2009 Newsletter has been published to the Villa Park Rotary website. A copy has been included below.

You may also read it on-line by visiting

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Rotary Club of Villa Park Newsletter

The Holidays Are Coming!!

The meeting began with an Invocation by Pam Dunn that was a tribute to our veterans, followed by the flag salute and “God Bless America”


Ken Caplin- Assistant Governor- who reminded us to write up our projects for District recognition

Marty Friesen- a visiting Rotarian from Manitoba, Canada

Brice Prather– returned after a long absence-


Steve Stern–  Announced there will be an All Community Service Luncheon on November 19th

                     contact Betsy Little for more information and reservations-  or 714-289-0370

             –Our Holiday Party will be on Wednesday Night January 13th at PJ’s Abbey

Jay Applebaum–  reported on the Foundation Dinner that was held last Saturday Night at the Irvine Hilton- the club was awarded our 100% Paul Harris Banner as well as an award for Club donations to the Rotary Foundation.  Our club was only one of eight clubs in the district that gave more than $100 per member to the Foundation over the last year.  Congratulations to Jeannie Hankins and all the club member for the support of the Rotary Foundation.  Attending the event were: Steve and Lainey Stern, Pam and Art Dunn, Lesslie Giacobbi and Jay and Terry Applebaum.  The highlight of the evening was the appearance of Fritz Coleman KNBC Weatherman, comedian and rotarian, who was very entertaining.  Kudos to Anaheim Hills Rotarian Roy Jefferson who chaired the event and was quite funny in his own right.

Happy Bucks:

Bob Kreisberg- was very happy to announce two new Jr. Achievement projects that will occur right here in Villa Park.  The 1st will benefit the Cerra Villa Middle School,  and is a 6 week program that will commence in the Spring of 2010; the 2nd is a program for Serrano Elementary School that will teach the students about money and budgeting.  This will be an afterschool program and both programs should be within our budget to support. Thanks Bob for being such a strong advocate of these programs and for helping to establish them in our community.

Teri Brooks– wanted to salute the Veterans and all they do to protect our country- past and present.

She also noted that son, Garrett turned 21 and celebrated with Bacchus, the god of wine and various other alcoholic beverages. Oh to be 21 again.  Happy Birthday Garrett.

Steve Stern– was happy to announce all the awards the club won at the Foundation Dinner and President’s Dinner.  According to Steve, who spoke with Immediate Past District Governor Roger McGonegal, we are one of the top 3 clubs in the district.

Ron Accornero– Just returned from a 12 day trip to Israel and had a wonderful time tracing the footsteps of Jesus.

Ken Meyer- talked about his experience last weekend at Fort Hood immediately following the shooting spree.  He spent many hours in the airport due to a lockdown of the base and it was slow going once the base reopened.  He did get to spend the weekend with wife Angel and announced he will be leaving our club to move to Texas on December 3rd to become a full time husband.

Steven Pollack– had a good trip to Baltimore and Florida, he also saluted Bob Meyer for the front page article in the Veteran’s Day issue of the Orange County Register.  He also thanked Pam Dunn for her help with a recent refi.

Bob Bell– also saluted Bob Meyer . He also had a recent trip to Kauai and had a wild helicopter ride that ended safely.

John Broussard spent the day with his grandson visiting Thomas the Train Engine.

Bob Meyer– recognized Ken Caplin and the Orange North Rotary Club for donating 40 boxes to the troops.

George Poulos donated 3 happy bucks for winning last weeks opportunity drawing that he split with Milt Stamos.  Must be guilt, since he and Milt must have had the lucky stub at least 4 or 5 times before finally winning. 

Ken Caplin reporting collecting 3 boxes of food yesterday.  He also reminded us to get our matching grants in before the money is all gone.  The District is due to receive $25,000.

Pam Dunn– celebrated Veteran’s Day with husband Art, a veteran of Viet Nam, by going out to dinner and thinking about all Art’s buddies from the war, some who came home and others who didn’t.

Jane McDonald-reported that the club sent $1100 to Singasora, Romania as humanitarian aid and that we have established contact with a rotary club in that area for future international projects. This apparently came through a contact Jane made at Douglas College in New Jersey.

Steve Kawa- was invited to attend the Breeder’s Cup Horse Race and he announced he was the secret greeter.  He collected lots of bucks for the club and that ain’t hay!

Ed Howard announced the football game between EL MO and Villa Park that took place last night.

Villa Park went on to win 35  to 14 and will move onto the CIF playoffs for the first time in several years.  He went on to talk about how well the school has done  in Water Polo, Cross Country and Girl’s Volleyball this year.  Go Spartans!!

Marty Friesen our guest from Canada, complimented our warm weather and the friendliness of the group.  Marty is in Southern California with his family, he works in manufacturing, but was here with a group of 600 Mennonite Businessman who give micro-financing loans to poor individuals throughout the world who want to start a business.  The group has given $175 million so far in $500 loans and receives a nice return of  6.5% annually and noted there is a less than  1% default  rate on the loans.  Marty and his family are going to stay in San Diego for the next couple of days.  He learned of our meeting through the website and was very complimentary of the sight.  He is a new Rotarian.

Tom Davis drew a Jack


  Kent McBride from the Orange County Bomb Squad

Kent has been a sheriff’s deputy for 20 years and formerly patrolled the streets of Villa Park.

Over the last 8 years he has been working with the Bomb Squad.  He gave a very interesting presentation that included the duties of the bomb squad, the different effects that explosives produce

(shock waves, heat, shrapnel) ,and some interesting video demonstrating the power of explosives on vehicles. He also showed a video demonstrating the dangers of simple bottle bombs made with dry ice and water.  He then introduced us to his canine partner, Falcon, a black lab  bomb sniffing dog who demonstrated his ability to sniff out explosives by finding a bag of gun powder that Kent had hidden in the room.  Kent explained that he had to spend 10 weeks last summer training with Falcon and getting to know how to best utilize his skills and his behavior patterns. Kent watches Falcon’s behaviors when out on the job, since a subtle change in behavior may be a clue to a bomb’s location. Falcon found the planted gunpowder and was rewarded with a tennis ball.   He  lives to get the tennis ball reward, which he only gets when he successfully completes his bomb sniffing duties. Falcon lives with the McBride family and their other pet dog.  The Orange County Bomb Squad is very well equipped and has 7 other dogs that are used in the field to sniff out explosives.  The take home message: beware of packages that you don’t expect; bombs come in all shapes and sizes. If you suspect something is suspicious call the Bomb Squad.

This was a very interesting and informative discussion. 

Save the Date: Wednesday January 13th PJ’s Abbey for our annual Holiday Party

                                      6-9 PM.


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