What to do if your home is listed and you’re having guest over the holidays:

Lesslie, Our home has been on the market for only 2 weeks now.  We are planning on having family and friends over during the month of December.  How do we keep our house available and ‘on the market’ and our guests feeling welcome in our home? Thanks, Jane L.

Jane, congratulations on listing your home!  Although the holiday season is typically slow for sales, you’ll be surprised on how many visits, showings and/or inquiries your home will receive.  Do not worry about having guests over and trying to schedule showings as well.  I would suggest letting your friends and family know from the beginning that there will be a few times when you may have to step out of the house for a few minutes.  Take advantage of these moments to take a walk to a nearby coffee shop or park to relax and catch up with your guests.  One of the many plus sides about living in Anaheim Hills is the beautiful surroundings and local amenities.  Remember, your house does not have to be perfect for every showing or preview.  So long as it’s clean and relatively picked up, you’ll be fine. It’s better to allow people in, even if your property is not 100%, than to miss a showing!  If I can help answer any other questions please let me know and enjoy the holidays!   -Lesslie


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