Entry Door Security – Are you at Risk?

Hi Lesslie, I’ve been concerned about entry door security and am wondering if you have any suggestions for me regarding this.  Jim N.

Hello Jim, Unfortunately you probably have good cause to be concerned, because burglaries are on the rise, and today’s thieves have new “tools” that make burglaries easier than ever.  Recently, Don Logay, the official What’s New Guru, wrote an article on this very subject.  With Don’s permission, I’m reprinting much of what he has to say on the subject:

One of the methods thieves use, is “lock bumping.” Haven’t heard of it? Just Google lock bumping and you’re in for a shock. After viewing a few video clips, you’ll be surprised to see how easy it easy it is to do and how available these low-tech tools are to virtually anyone who wants them.  All a thief has to do is insert a special “bump key” into a lock, give it a couple of taps and they can open any standard dead bolt or lockset just like they had your individually cut key. 

You may also be shocked to find that you are one of many who are actually inviting thieves to “target” your home or business for a robbery.   How? Today’s social networking sites – such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace – are filled with information that thieves just love. Telling the world that you are going on vacation or simply out shopping for the day is all is takes to start an online search that provides your address (and even a map to your house) that, in turn, leads to quick breaking and entering.

If in doubt, just check out a new web site called “Please Rob Me” at www.pleaserobme.com. Also click on the “Why?” link on the right side.

Burglaries are on the rise. The best defense: upgrade security (starting with entry doors), eliminate obvious invitations (looking unoccupied, accumulating newspapers, etc.) and be ever so smart information-wise – and together, let’s all take a bite out of crime. Woof!

Please check back next week for part two of Don Logay’s Entry Door Security tips.


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