More on Pool Remodeling

James B. comments on what worked best for him with his opinion and lots of good ideas and suggestions.  Any other comments?  Email me at

We had ours re-plastered with a few additions about three years ago, and have had pools for over a decade, both chlorine and salt-water.  A few thoughts to share:

1. Chlorine vs. Salt-Water.  Definitely salt-water, especially now that they have acid/water reservoirs that can be put in-line to help keep the pH balanced.  Chlorine I ended up having to have a pool service as it was so finicky, salt I take care of myself and just have a guy come in twice a year to do the heavy lifting of cleaning the DE filter, and overall checking.

2. Plaster vs. PebbleTech.  We get so much sun during the summer months our pool would be unbearable if it weren’t white plaster.  As it is, it stays up in the low to mid-80’s with no heat from mid-July generally through early October, with hitting close to 90 in the hottest part of the summer.  Also, personal opinion, the PebbleTech pools do not feel as nice—they are a bit rough.

3. Lighting- go fiber optic if it fits the budget.  We had this at our last pool, but haven’t spent the money to convert the current one.  Great light and many different effects available if you like.

4. Waterfalls- They make individual waterfall “nozzles” that can be put into slotted planters that are freestanding so you can have two one on each side with space between for jumping in, or a diving board if you go that way.  Be careful though, these can be so loud as to be conversation killers depending on how they are designed and how close to your seating areas.

5. Decorative tiles- There are a lot of decorative tiles ranging from 4 inch starfish to entire pool bottoms that can be added and create some nice visual interest for not a lot of money at the small end.  The big mosaics can cost as much as you are willing to spend.

6. Interior shelf – instead of a baja shelf with a spot for an umbrella, we have a “bench” that runs the entire length of the pool, and one end which is at a constant depth so you can sit on it, stay cool, and put your drink on the coping. 

7. Coping- really an aesthetic choice.  For safety you have to think about friction coefficient of the material, plus how will it handle the heat?  We had friends put in a lovely dark flagstone deck which is almost too hot to walk on, and if you wet it down to cool it becomes slipperier than an ice rink!

8.Skimmers-You didn’t mention this, but many California pools get built with only one suction line for the main drain and one skimmer.  While cheaper, it does not do a great job of keeping the surface clean, especially if you use a Polaris or Kreepy Krauly.  Consider three or four suction lines for two skimmers, main drain, and potentially, port for a cleaner.

This may be more than you were looking for, but having been through this twice, there is a lot to think about.


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