Six Reasons to List Your Home During Winter

Fewer Showings:
While there are fewer buyers out looking and therefore fewer showings, the appointments made for your house will be by serious buyers, who are looking at homes rather than doing holiday shopping. Make sure you carefully “black out” the days that you absolutely do not want visitors, and for the rest of the time try and make your home available.

Less Competition:
Many people wait until the first of the year or even the beginning of spring to list their home. This means that you will have less competition during the winter than at any other time of the year.

Homes Often Show Better During the Holidays:
People clean up their homes, decorate and dress their homes up for the Holidays. Buyers can fall in love with the ambiance created because the house is telling a story.

Tax Reasons:
Some buyers must meet a tax deadline in order to get certain deductions, or carry over a tax base. A buyer may need to close an escrow by a certain date or by the end of the year.

Sooner is Better than Later: In this volatile, price driven real estate market, accomplishing a sale sooner will most likely result in a higher price than selling later.

Low Rates:
And the last reason is the phenomenally low interest rates that we have right now—still at a 40 year low.
The low rates give a buyer more spending power, and this will be important for you also when you go to buy. People buy by their payment amount, so they don’t want to wait until it’s too late and rates are up.

Lesslie Giacobbi is a Realtor with
Seven Gables Real Estate in Anaheim Hills.
Contact her at 714-608-6646 or


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