Home Remodel: Day One

Well the tables have turned. I have always been the person to talk to our clients, telling them not to worry about their remodeling because they would reap the benefits of it, enjoy it and that remodeling and improving the house would in most cases increase the value of the house. Now, it’s my turn to tell myself those same things and I am not doing such a great job of it. I really need to apologize to all of those people because I personally had never gone through it.
I left early in the morning to go to my Rotary meeting. I was not anxious to return, knowing what was supposed to happen. After the meeting I wanted to stop at home and I noticed that right in front of me was a huge blue truck. It passed by our street and I turn left and parked on the street. The truck as it turned out was headed to our house, realized it’s mistake, and then backed up to make the turn. When in front of our house it stopped, and unloaded a bob-cat with a big drill on the front of it. It seemed within minutes the bob cat was roaring through the gates and into the back yard, pausing only for a moment to decide where to start. It was amazing to see how quickly it drilled through 6 inches of cement, rendering it in movable chunks. It started on the far side of the pool, sounding like a jack hammer, and every few seconds the drill hit a new space and a new chuck of all cement was formed. Then the operator scooped up a bunch of the chunks, and took it to a waiting truck on the street. It is such a strange feeling to see your entire yard torn up after having enjoyed it for 30 years. Workers were tearing up all of the plants I have spent years getting them to grow and cooperate into what I wanted.
All of the herbs, two types of sage, lemon balm, parsley, tarragon and chives that I used just during the past few days, gone! Flowering night jasmine that I have been pruning diligently for years so that it would not become too big—gone! Ripped out in just 20 seconds. A favorite hibiscus plant my sister gave me that was supposed to be saved—gone! I needed to leave right away and not see any more.
I stop at my house to pick up a key to show a property, and when I arrive the gates to the back yard are wide open, and no one is around. I am concerned because the pool is there with water in it and I certainly do not want anything to happen.


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