Home Remodel: Day Two

The bob cat is prowling about the yard, and has now decided to take out all of the cement near the house. The drill on the front of it bores into the steps leading up to our porch and cement chips from the size of a pebble to the size of walnuts are flying through the air and some of them are hitting the house and French doors. I decide to find Eddie, who is the owner of the construction company doing the work and suggest that the windows and French doors be protected with plastic before something happens rather than after the fact. Eddie tells me he will take care of this and I am wondering why he would not have done this prior to starting the work. I find I am angry about this—what seems to be a complete disregard for us and our home. I’m wondering why the contractor wouldn’t think of covering the windows himself—prior to beginning. I find that there is something in me that wants to tell him how to do his job—not the construction part, but the dealing with people, homeowners, and making his service more than breaking up cement. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be calm about it, but right now I’m not. Eddie also introduces me to Ubaldo, a dark skinned man, about 5”6” with dark hair, a handlebar mustache wearing a straw hat, who’ll be in charge of the crews doing the work, and we nod a “hello”.
During the day I reflect about the morning, and say in a first in a silent voice and then in a loud voice that my goal is to not complain, and/or get upset about what is going on unless it’s a really important matter. Everything else will be OK, as my mother has always said, and I just need to relax and reflect how lucky we are, after so many years, to finally be re-doing our backyard and pool, and doing this remodel.

Friday evening I arrived home to find everything covered in plastic. Whereas it would have been very convenient to have been able to have opened the kitchen French doors to go outside, they are taped together closed rather than individually, and we cannot exit into the back yard from any of the three sets of French doors. I shall have to fix that and at least tape one set so that the doors will open and we’ll be able to access the backyard—which is now dirt, a few trees, and an empty pool.

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