Home Remodel: Day Three and Four

Saturday AM Celeste, our neighbor’s cat who prefers to be at our house instead of her owner’s, is leaning in against the plastic covering the French doors, meowing. She wants one of us to come out and pet her, scratch her and acknowledge her. This is easier said than done. The doors do not open because they are taped shut. So I go to the back of the house and enter the yard, traipsing through the dirt, and get up on the porch to give her a scratch. When I look around I see that there is no more cement anyplace, the pool has been emptied and all of the plaster surface has all been removed, you can see some re-bar, and you can walk down the steps and all around the bottom of the pool. Thirty years of enjoyment vanishing before my eyes in just two days. It’s a day off for the workers as will be tomorrow, and it’s kind of nice to have the quiet.


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