Home Remodel: Day Five

Day 5 is a day of mounds of earth—in several different areas of the yard. There is a huge mound of dirt in the area of what was our lawn, and there are two other huge mounds of dirt in the front yard on the extreme right (north) and left (south) of the house. I look at the mound to the right and spy Romi out of the corner of my eye. Romi is Polish and has worked consistently for 30 years at the house next door to us taking care of the gardening, and many construction projects for them as well as for us. He’s the kind of person everyone should have as a friend, an observer and a helper. We sometimes have discussions about what is going on in Poland (for him) and Italy (for us). He’s the person who checks out our house when we are away, will skim the leaves off the top of the water of the pool when there is a Santa-Ana wind and you don’t want the motor to burn out because you’re not at home to do it. He observes what’s happening to the vegetation in the yard and always has good ideas about how to go about doing something. One time when we had a problem with rodents entering the house from the area of the raised foundation, he and his fellow workers found the spot of entrance, opened up two walls and remedied the problem, and we came back to a house where everything was in order. We love Romi.
Romi is in charge of moving all of the controls of the sprinkler system in the front yard which will also eventually be torn up with a new landscape plan in place. There is a big hole right by the front door and in it are a myriad of white polyurethane sprinkler pipes. It actually looks a bit like the map for the Paris Metro with all of the routes of the trains going in different directions. Our pipes are obviously not so elaborate and much less complicated but visually I think they are similar. Each pipe, at a specific time each day, goes to it’s own location in the yard, where instead of picking up people it is disseminating water in planters and specific areas of the lawn.


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