Home Remodel: Day Six and Seven

Day Six was a day for the guys to dig trenches all over the back yard. I’m quite amazed they can figure out the drainage plan so well, get the trenches at the right depth, lay the new drainage pipes and make sure that all areas of the yard are covered. In the past we did have drainage—natural drainage. Some water from our neighbors just north of us on the right and a little higher up would come into our yard, and our water would drain into the two yards of our neighbors to the south of us. This is the way these houses were built in the 60s and 70s, and that’s the way it was. Now all of our water will drain to the street and then into the gutters.
Day Seven was also a day of having the guys come inside of our old bonus room (which we used as a junk room and referred to as the”big room”) and jack-hammer through the foundation so the engineer can come tomorrow night and determine if they need to remove the foundation and re-pour a new one for our new master suite, or if the old one is thick and strong enough for the construction. The same goes for the garage slab, and we should know tonight if we need new slabs or if the old ones will pass muster with the engineer and the city.


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