Villa Park Rotary Newsletter – September 15, 2011

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Rotary Club of Villa Park Newsletter

Magical Evening of Giving October 6th


Opening Ceremonies:

Invocation: Pastor Stan

Pledge of Allegiance: Milt Stamos

Rotary Four Way Test: Jane McDonald

Song: ” Take Me Out To The Ball Game” John Broussard



Jason Mefford- guest of Jay Applebaum

Sharon Edlin- Guest of Pam Dunn

Violet Younis- Guest of Sharon Edlin

Ken Caplin- Orange North Rotary

Bob Fateaux- Villa Park City Council

Rick Barnett- Marine Thanksgiving



President Bryan “Eddie” Nash- September 11th- Bryan had all kinds of birthday happenings that

 lasted way into the night.



Steve Stern- Wine Fellowship Dinner – October 15th- at the home of Steve and Lainey Stern

          Good food, great wines and fellowship-  $30/couple   RSVP to Steve or Lainey

    Update on Teri Brooks who suffered a broken hip that required surgical repair.  Steve says

    Teri is home and doing well.  She thanks all those people who brought her meals.

Milt Stamos thanked Christie Sense for her $100 donation to the club.

Sharon Edlin talked about our potential international water well project in South Sudan.

       She announced an event called, Center Stage that will be on November 6th at the

         the Villa in Orange.  Tickets are $40 each and the event will feature lunch and

         a performance of songs from Wicked, My Fair Lady, Chicago and other shows

        buy Broadway Star/singer Ali Mauzey and Television Star/singer Nicole Parker.

        Monies will go toward drilling the wells.  Sharon has contacted the Rotary Club

        in Juba, who will be  our in-country contacts.  

        Show time is 12-2PM at the Villa on Nov. 6th.

         For Tickets call:  714-987-1150.

Rick Barnett-  Marine Thanksgiving- Rick is looking to get sponsors for an additional 70

        Marines; he is committed to taking 132 Marines this Thanksgiving.  Contact Rick

         if you are willing to have Marines join your family for Thanksgiving Dinner. 

Jill Kuli- Shred Day this Saturday at City Hall- 9-Noon-

             and Old cell phone collection by Interact of Villa Park

            Bring up to four boxes of documents for shredding-  no fee, donations accepted.

        Jill also thanked Nagy Ibrahim for doing Meals on Wheels; Pastor Stan volunteered

          to fill in for Jim Glenn.

        Union Bank has also donated $10,000 toward the 50th  Anniversary celebration

           of Villa Park– Thanks Will Warren and Union Bank.  Flags and Stands for

          the Anniversary can be purchased for $20 as well as lapel pins at $10.

          Flags and lapel pins will also be donated for our Mystery Bags at the fundraiser.

Bob Bell announced that those interested in joining the Vocational Services Committee

         can stay after next week’s regular meeting for a brief meeting.


Happy Bucks:

Lesslie Giacobbi- Served dinner at the Ronald McDonald House last Thursday and wanted to

           thank Marianne Koepnick and Tom Grundy for helping.

Jeannie Hankins was in New York City for 9/11 and talked about the choir that Jan Schmidt

         sheparded in to St. Patrick’s Cathedral – over 300 kids from the US and Canada participated.

Pete Moriarty was happy to see Sharon and Violet visiting the club.

John Broussard thanked Lesslie and the Ronald McDonald Dinner team from last week and

       gave his seal of approval to the potential water well project in South Sudan.

Ed Howard was happy USC won its first two games.

Stan Van Den Berg was thrilled to announce that Lutheran High had 25 students sign up for


Eric Sense thanked Stan for making the announcement about LuHi.

Bob Meyer– Thanked Marianne Koepnick for helping with shipments for the troops.

       He sent off 43 boxes last week.

Bob Bell was glad his sister came to visit and attend some Angels games.

   By the way who did Bob happen to sit next to at Sunday’s game….our own

    Milt Stamos, Bob Kreisberg, Steve Stern and Jay Applebaum.  Milt was

     happy when the Yankees finally won 1/3 games avoiding a sweep.

Jim Brodsky won an award for his antique truck at the 9/11 car show in Villa Park.

        He and son Jake lovingly restored the truck themselves.

Steven Pollack is feeling much better and making progress with his rehab from his

         pelvic fracture.  His step mom just had surgery for trigeminal neuralgia and

         is doing well.

Pam Dunn just got back from attending her high school reunion in Liberty, Missouri.

       Pam is now officially the Queen of her high school and of our Rotary Club.

       Hail to the Queen!!!  


Raffle: Millie Alexander drew an 8


Magical Evening of Giving Update:

Jane McDonald filled us in on the progress with the event.  Jane announced that most of

   the cost of the tickets is being put towards making the evening lots of fun.

Tom Grundy is working on the Mystery Bags and is getting lots of stuffers.

           Subway has given us lots of $5 gift certificates and Tom’s hoping to get

             Starbuck’s cards.

Bob Kreisberg has the raffle under control.  He’s getting an Ipad2, a Kindle, a Flip Camera

        and other prizes.

Pam Dunn– Ticket Sales- reminded everyone to give her the money for the tickets, not Milt.

Our Fundraiser is coming together and should a memorable evening.



After our meeting a special meeting of the Board was convened by President Bryan Nash to

discuss the membership of Ken Caplin and Mike Brunhober who are transferring from the

Orange North Club.  Both have attended 3 meetings.  Bob Meyer is also transferring membership

from the Orange Club.   The board approved the membership of all three men.  This begins

the 10 day review period where members of the club can comment positively or negatively

about the prospective members.  Contact Bryan Nash or Pete Moriarty if you have comments.


Next Week’s Meeting:

Speaker: Jim Doty President of Chapman University.


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