A Tuff situation regarding my new Tuff shed

A tuff situation regarding my new Tuff Shed.

For years I have been wanting a shed on our property. There never seemed to be the exact right place to put it, as it would be either too visible in the yard or difficult to access, so as a result, I never got my shed. Instead, there would often be huge piles of cushions and pillows stacked behind the sofas in the family room where we hoped, few people would see them. Bags of soil would stay in the middle of a bunch of pots. My gardening tools would be thrown into an empty pot and if it rained, they would get wet. Charcoal would have to be thrown away because it was damp.

This last spring, we completely re-did our back yard, and planned for the perfect place to put the shed I had wanted for furniture covers, pillows, cushions, pots, gardening tools, bags of soil, a bike or two, and anything else that might fit in it. So this year, when my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I of course said, a shed. I also learned that sheds are one of the big trends right now because so many people want to enjoy indoor/outdoor living. We looked at a lot of sheds. I really wanted a Tuff Shed but thought they were too expensive. We looked at the rubber-maid variety and thought they would fall apart after opening and closing the door a few times, and they shook when you went in and out of the door. The sheds at Costco seemed flimsy and awkward to enter and exit. The very best buy seemed to be a 10 x 10 foot shed on sale at Home Depot for about $1,000. Unfortunately we needed a different size—an 8 x 12 foot would fit the spot perfectly. After much going back and forth, we finally decided to go the Tuff Shed route. Tuff Shed would give us any combination of colors we wanted on the exterior, come in and level the spot for it, put support grids underneath it, place it there, put vents in for ventilation, and give us the key for the door—and, believe it or not, all in one day! And we would have to do nothing but pay! A Great Solution!

The shed looked great and until we tried to get into it after a day of heavy rain followed by a couple of days of sunshine,. The door was swollen shut. There was no way we were going to get in, or get anything out. We pulled and shook the door to no avail. We made our call to Tuff Shed for service, and did not hear back. After four days we called the representative who sold it to us, who said it was not his responsibility and to call the office for support and service. I asked him to call, and after another four days, called him back saying we had not heard anything and that we really wanted to be able to use this shed. Again, of course, he was not in charge of sending people out and we would just have to go through the office. Which is what we are still doing, hoping that someone will come out and open up the door (without breaking it) and shaving off the bottom so we won’t have the problem again. With Tuff Shed where we are, we found you can get them in a day, but it might take you a couple of weeks to get inside it!


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